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Just spreading the Holiday cheer

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 03 December 2008 19:57

Hi gang… just a quick update on some new ‘badges’ here on the trail… I can’t help but get visions of being in the boy scouts or something and I am sewing new badges on my uniform.. Considering I was ranting earlier this year about spreading the love not glory-hounding, I figured this was a good way to thank peeps that took the time to think of me…

Top Internet Marketing blogs

My bud Gyutae over at Winning the Web went to some lengths to create his ‘Top IM BLogs’ list that dynamically tracks a variety of metrics (PR, RSS,Technorati and more) and ranks the blogs. Kudos to him on creating this bad boy, but alas the system is skewed as I ain’t ranked number 1.. he he… seriously.. not even in the top 100? It’s a conspiracy I tells ya!!

Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for new goodies for your feed reader

Top internet marketing blogs

Blog o the day

A few weeks back Claire Patrick of Red Orbit contacted me to let me know the Trail was highlighted as a ‘tech blog of the day’. Now we do get peeps that use this type of flattery simply to get links, but after talking to Claire and checking the site out, it is certainly a legit resource. Which begs the question, why me? She must have a thing for horses… he he…

Red orbit Tech Blog of the day

Either way it worked… Claire is charming, (which was the selling point) and ya’ll should go play around on RedOrbit if you get the chance…

Spreading the lovin…

While I am at it I might as well thank Ann (our latest SEO mom) and Barry (via Search Engine Land) for help with spreading my research into Google SERP flux and we have 4x the number of peeps to participate in round 2…woo hoo... more data!!

Lot’s o thanks to Brian for getting Sphinn happy with the Analytics for SEO series…( as did the gang at SEO Web Junction)

Also some props out to Jeffery (Smith) for keeping phrase based IR alive and well….  

And a huge shout out to Charles (@hawaiianshirts ) for the funny Yahoo SERP


And that’s about it for the moment… just wanted to take the chance to say thanks and pimp some peeps…( I wanna be a pimperati)

Now I have to go make some Ho Ho Holiday avatars for my Tweeples ;0) - L8TR

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