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It's time for a smack down

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 02 January 2009 12:08

2009 : the year of SEO Mythbusting

One thing I decided was going to be part of my writing life in 2009 is laying out a little smack down on those in the SEO industry that are making bold statements that purvey mythologies. Now, that doesn’t mean I am going to be an ass about it (though that is entirely possible) and it doesn’t mean starting flame wars… not at all. This is about maintaining some perspective and otherwise try to stabalize an industry that is more and more using their own brand of FUD that makes the SEs look like angels.

This isn’t a crusade about who’s link building techniques are better nor the optimal characters in a title tag – that stuff can be suppositional, and doesn’t bother me. I am talking about posts relating to things such as;

  • Ranking signals
  • Algorithm changes
  • Ranking reports being dead
  • SEO being dead
  • Technical aspects of search

In short the aspect relating to the evolution of IR…(don’t know what IR stands for? Already behind the 8 ball I’m afraid)

It frustrates me to no end when bloggers and others in the business start making such bold statements based on little more than gut feelings and flawed testing. This is going to just cause more grief with an already instable industry and I can’t see any reason for such suppositions beyond ego stroking or positioning one’s company as ‘authorities’ in the biz….

I’m just sayin’

Do understand this ain’t about anything more than a love of SEO and the desire to see stability. Year after year SEO myth makers drift in and out with whacky theories dressed and reality. This wandering web warrior is getting tired of it.

We’ll still have the usual fun around here with geeky, ranty and guest posty goodiness as always (want more guests for diversity this year).. this is merely something which will rear it’s head now and again. To start things off, on Monday we’ll be looking and a large list of resources for all those that are interested in Information Retrieval and the evolution of search…. Starting on the right foot dontcha know… Can you guess what is coming first? Hint: contains ‘bounce’ and ‘rate’ :0)

Cya then… if YOU see any myths? Send ‘em over and we’ll bust them!!



0 # JMorris 2009-01-04 16:08
It's about time somebody did this! This past year has been terrible with all the BS floating around. It's no wonder many people are confused about SEO and companies are going on stale and inaccurate data.

Seriously, how many people who only understand basic on-page factors are going around calling themselves SEOs? ::shudders:: :shock:

I'm glad you've taken up this yoke Dave. It may not be a "popular" choice, but it is needed and I hope more of the educated SEO Professionals in the industry join you in this endeavor. The bar needs raised for the benefit of all.
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0 # Alex 2009-01-05 16:48
If you want some really enduring SEO myth to bust, I give you two words: keyword density.
There are still a bunch of people speaking about this "ranking factor" even if there is a great article about the keyword density on nonsense:
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