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Introducing the SEO Geeks Newsletter

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 23 February 2009 10:03

For the longest time peeps had asked if I had or was planning a SEO newsletter for the geeks that wanted to stay on top of the latest technical goodies. The answer has always been a flat "No... didn't think that many people cared about it". We've gotten to the point where it's been asked enough times that my thinking was...well...flawed (gasp). Apparently there are a multitude of search geeks that want just that... to that end I am launching the SEO Geeks Newsletter.

SOSG Alert

To start with we have (being the seed that it is);

  • News and insight from around the SEO world
  • Latest search patent news
  • Updates on related research papers
  • Tips and tricks from top level SEOs
  • Exclusive offers from around the web.
  • Tool alerts and reviews
  • And of course progress on the Dojo launch (another secret exposed!)

That last one is another subtle announcement... to learn more you'll have to go and see for yourself

The first newsletter is set to go out on my birthday; March 02 2009 - so give me an early present and go sign up for the newsletter.


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