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Industry Awards and the Rubber Chicken

Written by David Harry   
Saturday, 29 December 2007 17:34

Well it seems that it is Awards Season in the blog-o-sphere and we actually got nominated for something! As is only fitting, the only thing we were nominated for is a Rubber Chicken award, it just figures don’t it? It seems that Jeff and I tickled a few funny bones with our 2 Part Series dubbed ‘the Sphinn Awards (Part I and II)'. Considering I do enjoy playing the class clown, I am more than pleased to have made it as a finalist.

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I am not really a fan of Awards really and would prefer to make fun of them than to be all warm and fuzzy with the excitement of being noticed in my silly industry. It really does seem that it is what it is; a popularity contest. As I am reading various ‘Awards’ post around the web I can’t help but think that each is slightly skewed to internal interests (of the site holding the awards) and subjectivity is surely lost.

Some of the blogs I have seen nominated are often sparsely posted upon or dominated by industry regurgitation and link bait. Then there is the entire confusion as to what is a Blog and what is a media outlet. At one point I noticed sites such as ‘Web Pro News’ as a ‘Top Blog’ – which I see as a news site, not really a Blog. Is that where we’re at? Does that mean that the New York Times (online) is now considered a Blog? WTF gives wid dat? I could even argue it with Search Engine Land (also nominated as a Top Blog). Can some one puulleeaaazzeee freakin explain the difference between a Blog and a Media outlet (News site)???

It also seems that the ‘in-crowd’ get a pass as I have seen more than a few of the ‘Old Boys Club’ sites nominated when in truth, some of these folks post no more than passing thoughts that would likely be best left on Twitter, not posted to a Blog, or at least considered to be in some way quality. At one point I even saw Sphinn nominated for ‘Best Community/Forum’ which I have to assume is due to folks chatting in the comments. So now anywhere we can leave comments is a community? I just think this is all waaaayyyy to freakin fuzzy for me peeps.

…. I am happy with our RCA nomination and wouldn’t have it any other way, I am proud to be a class clown.



0 # JMorris 2007-12-29 19:35
What I like about The Columbo (RCA) is that it does poke a bit of fun at the industry and the other awards we're seeing out there.

I tend to agree that too many awards are skewed. At least the RCA makes it abundantly clear that fairness is not part of the picture and that it's all for fun.
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0 # theGypsy 2007-12-29 20:04
Hey James, nice to see (read?) ya.

I do prefer a tungue in cheek ranting style more than anything. Folks can get far to worked up in this biz, gotta have some fun.

I think the zillion or so posts about awards are a hoot and haven't seen so much regurgitation since the 'Paid Links' fiasco.

The missus says I should STFU and be happy some one cares.... who knows, she may be right...

I want a 'Cranky Ranter' category out there next year... then I am a shoe-in...

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0 # JMorris 2007-12-29 21:10
I don't know, Dave, I think there's a few of us who could give you a good run for the Cynical Bastard of the Year Award. :D

Perhaps we should start organizing a Social Media Misfits site. Something like Sphinn, but focuses on tongue and cheek posts surrounding the industry.

Meh, too "me too".

Anyways, yeah, there's a few of us out there.
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0 # theGypsy 2007-12-29 21:47
It's all good news to me bro. There are too many sheep and not enough Sheppards in this gig. Some good ol fashion ranting is just what we need more of. And I don't mean the endless rants about what Google should do either.... we need to turn the lens inwards once in a while.

As for the site... hmmmm.... don't get me started. My buddy tried once with 'Bad SEO (' but it didn't fly.... gotta be part of the 'in crowd' for such things... not a particularily appetizing thought fer me... I don't want fame, I want fortunes... :0)

But hey, socialmediamisf is available... lol.. could be fun.
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0 # JMorris 2007-12-30 06:38
LOL! Oh man am I tempted! I think if I take on one more project or domain, my wife is going to make a permanent bed for me in the back yard!

Still, I'd like to see somebody do something for those of us who are experienced in the field, but not part of the "in crowd".

I've got no problems with some of the "in crowd" per say, but I'm not going to pucker up for anybody anytime soon.
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0 # TheNanny 2007-12-30 20:39
The Rubber Chicken Award for Shana Albert's Boobs!! I am totally back in one of my Nightmares in Junior High..... Wake Up, Shana!! For the Love of God, Wake up!!!!

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0 # theGypsy 2007-12-30 21:30
Well hey hun, I got a nomination for 'being a boob' so all is well. really hope ya'll win... whatta funny headline that would make :0)
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0 # TheNanny 2007-12-30 21:41
UGH!!! :P
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0 # Sebastian 2007-12-31 12:15
Who defines "in crowd"? I guess you can do that by your contributions; be it blog posts, comments, or whatever.
Happy new year!
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0 # theGypsy 2008-01-02 19:21
Not sure Seb, I will likely never be fully a part of the cool kids clique as it has always been the way. I can never play the pandering pedantic putz that is often required to win the hearts and minds in social spaces.... just a rebel at heart.

What is kinda interesting, is the mass effect of Social Spaces seems to make it more pronounced that it was a few years back. At the same time it has created new 'stars' like our little Shana there....

Looking forward to havin ya feed the need some more in 08 tho Seb... yeee haaaa.... Let's get it on!!
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