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Happy Halloween from Google

Written by David Harry   
Saturday, 27 October 2007 01:33

Ok, I have avoided the whole PageRank brew-ha-ha up until this point (it's actually only TOOLBAR PAGERANK that we know of - silly imps) ...  but simply because I like to stay in step with the latest craze, like the cool kids do, I have 3 things to add to the pile of steaming crap that is this recent fascination among the minions;




Baby want his bottle?

and Third

A ranting we will go, a ranting we will go – some fun with my therapist...


Dave: What’s up Doc?

Doc: Not much Dave, how have you been?

Dave: Great… ‘cept…< shudder weevil > .. my work is kinda screwed up.

Doc: uh hummmm…. <scribble – scribble>

Dave: I stopped watching CNN like ya asked me too and I am pretty sure the world ain’t gonna end, at least if it does, I won’t see it coming. Now I am getting creeped out by my work. <shake spudder>

Doc: <scribble> … how so..?

Dave: Well, I am trying to get sane and I can’t figure out what the hell I am aiming for. The so-called 'normal' people are freaking me out. I mean, there is this California dood, and he is the Public Relations (PR?) guy for a department of a major search engine. And when he sneezes the entire industry goes looking for a flu shot <sneezle – wonk>

Doc: .. and germs ‘creep you out’?

Dave: Well, yeah, but that ain’t my point. You see, I can’t tell if the other kids in my class are really getting sick from the flu or simply faking it to get attention. That’s what PageRank will do to ya.

Doc: ..and what’s a ‘pagerank’?<scribble,scribble,scribble>

Dave: hopefully Top 10 – but what’s it to ya? – ba-dum-dum --

Doc: Excuse me? <drops pencil>

Dave: Point is, what can I do? These folks are REALLY nutz. Am I really trying to achieve this level of insanity to feel some sense of normalcy? Or is everybody crazy?

Doc: Let’s up your dosage and see how it goes….. maybe your ‘PageRank’ will feel better in the morning. <books next appointment>


....and I think that's about it...... /rant



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