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Guest Rider Round Up

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 28 May 2008 08:10

Giving thanks for the kindness of others

Over the last year we have been fortunate to have some great people drop by the FireHorse Trail and I thought to start a page dedicated to them and show my appreciation.

If you haven't met these folks or read their great insights, their posts and personal blogs are listed below;

Repeat Offenders

These are the finr folks that have been over the top amazingness and a touch of madness, to have dropped in on multiple occassions!

Old friends and New

One of the greatest part to sharing space is the chance to have people you meet and know drop by to tell tall tales...

SEO Young Guns

A series focussing on search geeks that are under 25 years of age - look for more of these soon, it's been a while;

Talk to me

These peeps were kind enough to answer some of my questions and allow me to publish them here. Some were formal interview format, others just email convos gone wild...

Working together

the Value of Social Media Marketing - Group effort with help from;

Medical Miracles

These guys all stepped up to the plate when I busted my wing - with a special shout out to Smarty for Twittering my woes - which was nice ;0)

Who's next?

... it could BE YOU! As I reach the 3rd year anniversary ranting here, one thing that has been great the last while, having others drop by for a ride while regaling stories of search and marketing goodiness. As this blog is a record of my life in many ways, I have been blessed in having such great friends and industry cohorts willing to lend me some precious time... if you're interested in sharing a yarn on the trail; get in touch.

...once again to my past guests, thanks folks - you simply make this a better place for everyone!


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