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Google battles Microsoft for World domination

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 02 November 2007 18:10

Good Morning Mr.Gates how do you like us now?

It seems the good ship Google will now be more able to achieve its goal of indexing/processing all of the information in the world. Sure, it just so happens that much of that is YOUR information and interactions, but that’s a trivial minor consideration, right? I mean it’s just like their unlikely bunk buddy, Microsoft, whom merely wanted to make our lives easier with the proliferation of the PC. Google is looking to help us in our Google Gunning for Microsofteveryday world. Aren’t they?

So how does one get a hold of all of the information in the world anyways? Simple, just make sure you are as close to, or involved in, as much of the information transfer and processing as possible.


We are the Google – resistance is futile

Search – index the web and collect user performance data. Even if you are not logged in, there are many ways for Google to track your actions and intentions. Google not only indexes the world’s webformation, but has a plethora of data collection and behavioural targeting opportunities at hand far beyond simply striving for more ‘relevance’ in search result delivery.

Gmail and Reader – obviously your email and news reading activities are a bonanza of end user data that can be associated to understand you better and the aggregate data to better understand larger behavioural trends.

Get Social – Not to be left out of the Social Sphere, Google has aspirations of accessing not only personal social interaction, but tapping the business communities as well. We can certainly expect more moves into these areas soon. Of note we have LinkedIn, Orkut, YouTube (plus strategic partnerships such as MySpace) – and of course, the OpenSocial platform.

Google Earth – Now you can look skyward and say Hello to Google. Not only is it a handy tool, but a place of business and human interaction. The ‘world’ of Google earth offers the opportunity for further user data collection while geo-targeting commercial entities. Talk about Universal Search...these guys mean it…. When should we expect GoogleMars??

…. And that’s just some of the many ways to facilitate information collection. So how do we further facilitate that?


The Delivery System


Google Computer – and more importantly the operating system, gOS, which is running a customized Ubunto Linux Kernal. And what good would that be unless you incorporated your other offerings (see previous point) into the computer to ensure the highest rate of potential conversion? So let’s load it up to ensure we capture as much data as possible;

“the PC's user interface includes icons pointing to popular Google applications such as Documents and Spreadsheets, Calendar, News, and Maps. Also pre-installed is the Firefox web browser, Meebo IM, and Skype. “ source: PC World  ADDED; Have a look at the new Google Operating System

Google Phone – Coming soon, the Gphone will most certainly have tie-ins with many of Google’s other services. Much like the Google computer, this is a vehicle to tie in the other offerings and provide another delivery system to complete the chain of information assimilation. (ADDED Nov 3; Google announces Mobile Strategy - See, I told ya so)


10 Paces at Dawn – Google V Microsoft

Now that we have all that in place you can be logged into your Google account across multiple devices, platforms and web properties, thus making your life more ‘convenient’. Google has taken a page from the Microsoft Bible and decided to proliferate everywhere that the Redmond giant likes to play and a few more to boot. Maybe they will some day own…er… uh.. facilitate sharing of all the worlds information after all.

Good morning Mr. Gates, I believe some one is knocking at your door.


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