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Facebook Tries To Steal Google Places Thunder

Written by Terry Van Horne   
Friday, 20 August 2010 04:06

Facebook Adopts the Google Buzz Strategy

It seems that the Facebook is copying the strategy Google employed with their Buzz product. To Google's credit at least they didn't use the same name for what is essentially the same service. Both "Places" services on these Internet Bohemoth's identify a Place. In Google's case it is information about a Place. In the case of Facebook it seems more about stalking people in a Place but it also sounds like it could be part of their monetization strategy if they charged
for 'checkins' at businesses.

FaceBook Places

I Smell a Miserable Failure!

Facebook Places will be doing checkins ala' Gowalla and 4Square. Are you sensing a trend? Yes this is all based on things Google and other Social Sites are doing better elsewhere! So after finally removing 'checkins' from my twitter stream I will now commence to unfriending those who add this crap to walls. If
I'm not with ya' and I aint' at the event you are do I really care? And if I barely know you from Adam... do I really care where you are and what you are doing. Maybe if you are "doing" my better half... otherwise. .. Just another face in the endless stream!

Google places plus 4Square


Another Privacy Indiscretion!

So once again the Social geniuses launch a new service as active, even though it is possible you may not even know about Facebook Places (come out from underneath that rock). You may even be wondering how Google Places got on Facebook? Sure it is only for mobile phones but there is definitely a chance someone will unknowingly tell all their friends they just 'checkedin' to Miss Lee's Rub and Tug!

By default Facebook Places is active so you best get on over to Facebook and follow these directions! Be aware if you have any Facebook apps they get the 'checkin' active status as well! How covenient is that? Too! I'm lucky in Canada we are always an after thought since our government takes them to task on their privacy policy... or rather complete lack thereof!.

About the author; Terry is an old school SEO geek that works out of International Website Builders and the founder of - You can also hook up with him on Twitter.


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