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Does Google & Verizon Framework Agreement Save Net Neutrality?

Written by Terry Van Horne   
Sunday, 15 August 2010 02:59

EEK!... the FCC is in Discussions on Net Neutrality!

Well if anything can result in the end of the Interwebs as we know it be assured it is a definite possibility if the FCC is getting involved! Look at the problems the FCC has with blogger's disguising paid reviews as "unbiased reviews"! We should know we don't want the US "simple servants" deciding anything about the future of the InterWebs. There is a law that they don't/won't enforce and look at the results? Every review I read I have to assume it is tainted with $'s unless they are open and transparent about it either way.\

Google and Verizon

The he said/she said story surrounding NY Times sensationalistic journalism piece "Google and Verizon Near Deal on Web Pay Tiers" about net neutrality shows exactly how whacked things are in the States right now! Sorry to say my brothers to the South are treading where they shouldn't. That said, here in Canada the CRTC were having similar "discussions" regarding Canadian Content requirements and possibly what the "toll" would be (we always pay... one way or da' other) and where it would be placed (who gets the #Dosh) for TV on the Internet Served in Canada.


Or the Dawn of A Truly Ubiquitous Web

Jim Hedger wrote a great post on Digital Always Media (highly recommended), a new blog he, Alan K’necht and Lyndsay Walker have started. This post is what got me writing about and looking around for some way that this is accrues benefit to Google other than Verizon has begun assimilation into the collective without realizing it... then maybe... they are beginning the process with a full understanding of the Google collective. What with Apple/AT&T seemingly the 800 lb. gorilla in the mobile Jungle... the Collective must be looking pretty good? ;-)

Jim's post led me to the NY Times linkbait (whodathunkit the Times copies the stupidest trick in the SEO Book) the Framework agreement. Below is an excerpt that I found very enlightening as I read it and then followed the links!

Google and Verizon held a joint conference call news conference (live blogged by Danny Sullivan) and released a joint statement outlining the scope of a “framework agreement” the two companies have reached. This agreement was forged during but outside of an ongoing series of meetings regarding Net Neutrality convened by FCC chairman Julius Genachowski earlier this year.

So it seems as if whatever was going on in those FCC meetings the new Google and Verizon didn't like the sounds of it. Where AT&T and the iPhonites are concerned you can bet they wanted a toll way that includes the web! Steve Jobs' has the Apple Fanboys accepting Apple should get a piece of every pie and they could care less who it treats as second class citizens... The Macites want to own everything and make you pay through the nose for it! Isn't that the way it is supposed to be? No? Oh my!


Or a Mobile Service That Plays Nice With the InterWebs

As I thought about this more and remembered the $200,000,000 investment in Zynga a while back, Purchase of Slide last week and on Saturday I saw they had bought Jambool a Social currency company and on the 13th of this month their Venture capital arm invested in ngmc.

This excerpt from the SEJ post "It’s Google Ventures’ Turn to Invest in Gaming, This Time in iPhone App Leader ngmoco" provides links and background on the deal.

Google Ventures, an independent entity from Google the search company, is rumored to have invested with top iPhone game developer ngmoco. Citing multiple reliable sources, TechCrunch reports that Google Ventures may have invested more than $100 million with the game developer.

Then I remembered another piece Google has... all the dark fibre they have been buying since January of 2005 baby! Literally Billions of $'s worth of it! Some of it is offshore but there is lots where it counts as well. What if the agreement was simply going enble them to run Google's network parallel to Verizon with the possibility of plugging their innovative "Google in a shipping container" right into the Verizon Network. The Google in a shipping container is something I saw on a CNBC special on Google. This would cut bandwidth and network traffic drastically and provide a gaming platform for Verizon and the Google's android devices.

Look Closer = Google and Verizon


Google.Me: What if it isn't a Facebook Killer But a Social Gaming Platform?

See Facebook has nothing to do with all those addictive games they run on their own network. Those Facebook games are like "crack for geeks". Personally all the Facebook display advertising (that never seems to change), pokes, lack of privacy and dumb professionals who think because you friend them you want to like every useless client Fanpage they put up... Sorry I have my hands full looking after my own stuff!

Lets face it Facebook, is a success despite the fact it sells people's info, treats your want of privacy with disdain and does all it can to dupe the InterWebs, in the words of the late great Jim Wilson, "unwashed masses", into giving personal info up like two bit crack hos on a slow Friday night! Facebook hasn't been vulnerable to competition for the "screwin' da' pooch" audience because there hasn't been a reasonable alternative... IMO, that's gonna' change in a hurry in the very near future!


Conclusion to the Death of Net Neutrality!

So lets make it crystal clear what the Agreement Entails:

  • it isn't anymore of a two tier system then we already have today with the Mobile web charging for data transfer
  • definitely there will be no new fees charged to publishers
  • and payments will be completely transparent to consumers and Publishers alike

Basically, IMO, nothing will change and who really cares if Verizon decides to delay sending your email for a minute or two. What do you think? Leave a comment with your take on what Google.Me might be the InterWebs Sacred Cow... Net neutrality!


About the author; Terry is an old school SEO geek that works out of International Website Builders and the founder of - You can also hook up with him on Twitter.


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