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Confessions of a Sphinn-o-holic

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 14 May 2008 09:20


The fun, frustration and entertainment that is Sphinn

SphinnA while back I crossed over 300 submissions and now standing on the cusp of the century mark for ‘Hot’ submissions. And what does that mean? It means I have officially Sphunn out of control… lost into the depths of obsession that only comes with an addiction to all things search and web marketing. As such I decided to capture some musings from mount madness;

How do we know I have an unhealthy obsession?

  • I am friggen’ there reading at 8am after the kids go to school and read it as I once did the morning paper.
  • When others reach for the Stumble button…I head to Sphinn (where’s my tool bar Danny?)… and then, if I remember it… I Stumble… Digg? Never heard of it.
  • I muse over data from topical percentages to up and coming Sphinners… that’s nothing new though.
  • Thought my kids names were Danny and Donna for a spell…
  • I am less concerned with ‘Going Hot’ – if one person finds the info useful, great! My work is done… if I find something interesting, I post…not looking to hit home runs….
  • Almost all of my Stumble/Twitter friends are Sphinners… a sheltered existence
  • Sphinn is mentioned in 31 blog posts here on the trail since last fall
  • My wife is ready to throw my laptop out of the window when she spots the Sphinn logo…
  • Seen many folks come and go, experience social media burn-out, many a drama unfold in the comments to the point of musing over a weekly gossip column for Sphinn… ('til I realized I had a life)
  • …. I am writing a post about my time there….

And this isn’t the first time as noted with these posts of interest;

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A wayward web we weave

And why? What’s the affliction? Writing this I couldn’t for the life of me realize a defining answer. Maybe in the end, it is more about being a consumer of the atmosphere, drinking in my daily fix. I have become a creature of habit that has grown comfortable in this easy chair, somewhere to hang my hat. There is much beneath the surface to educate, entertain and otherwise amuse one and fire up the passions.


We make our way, each to their own, all views deservingly true
Opinions that differ, passionate prose, seeds set to grow through and through

It is not about right, as no one can win, often the mob rules the day
Tho’ we may part, always in my heart, are the fine peeps at Sphinn where I play


Fun so far…. see where it leads – Peace – theGypsy



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