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Come help with Google SERP flux testing

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 17 December 2009 18:00

Ok my fellow search geeks and phreaks…it’s time to do some audience participation. Here’s the gig. As you may know Google recently announced some changes to how personalized search is being used. What we don’t know is how much it is affecting things and the level of SERP flux in general.

We did a few rounds of testing (in April 09 and Dec 08) previously to try and get some insight into the level of flux (U can read the SERP flux report here). Now, in light of the recent developments, we felt it was time to do so again.

Spare a few moments for research!

All I need from you is like, 10 minutes of you time to answer a few questions and send me a few SERPs. It is painless I promise and for a damned good cause. Here’s what you have to do;


Since we need you to send us the top 10 URLs for given queries, it will make your life SOOOOO much easier if you install the Simple Google Results tool for FireFox, (by Liam Delhunty).  

NOTE: the extension strips out the organic AND the paid universal Ads. Plz take them out if you remember. Thanks


Then we’re ready to go and take the survey; Google SERP Flux and Personalization Study

And that’s it…. I will get running it for the next few days (too long and problems with temporal data moves in). Once we have enough data collected we’ll start doing some analysis and post the results for everyone in the near future.

Google SERP Flux and Personalized Search Study

Thanks in advanced to those that participate!


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