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Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 03 April 2008 08:35

Just in case no one had filled you in on it yet - people are gaming the system. Yes, shocking but true. In today's story, via TechCrunch, it seems a company named Slide was caught putting fake reviews of their FaceBook app. Now I am sure this comes as no suprise to you as aptly put by Duncan;

"Fake reviews seem to be part of the norm these days. however most companies are smart enough to cover their tracks."

Ain't it the truth? These turkeys actually used company linked FaceBook accounts. The point here is more about the ones we don't see and the viability towards many aspects of trustability for said networks. Will they soon become poisoned?

It reminds me of a story that I covered a year and a half ago about newspapers using automated software to write news stories... ha ha ha... by now I am sure your local social media spammer types have not only mastered that but also the automation of account creation and IP spoofing to go along with your robot writer.... it all makes for a less than trusting nature to it all. Is this a danger ultimately for public social networks?

I know search people seek to set ideals of what relevant search results are as far as quality; do social media marketers do the same? Or as it is part of thier job to *ahem* market to these communities, do they turn the other cheek?

I wonder; what are the SMM standards? Is there such a thing as a Black Hat SMM? ha haha ha....dats funny...

..oh well.... back to work... Peace!


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