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Yay! Getty Images Are Free Now

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 06 March 2014 13:23

To borrow from my m8's across the pond; What a complete load of bollocks. So here's the article . Essentially they're letting you use the images now in an 'open-embed program' that is all cool “as long as the service gets to append a footer at the bottom of the picture with a credit and link to the licensing page. “.

Uh huh... go on....

What about people just stealing them to use anywhere they please? You know, without the watermark that used to be there...?

“...according to Craig Peters, a business development exec at Getty Images, that ship sailed long ago. "Look, if you want to get a Getty image today, you can find it without a watermark very simply," he says. "The way you do that is you go to one of our customer sites and you right-click. Or you go to Google Image search or Bing Image Search and you get it there. And that's what's happening… Our content was everywhere already."

I see.... please do go on, I am listening keenly.

It now features “native code for sharing in Twitter and Tumblr alongside the traditional WordPress-friendly embed code.

This of course is going to be in the form of an i-frame that could potentially show ads and/or collect user data. I for one, am damned interested in a close look at the TOS of this bloody idea. When asked if this was the case, now or in the future, the Getty rep said, "We've certainly thought about it”.

I'll bet you fckn have there sunshine.

He later added, “"We've seen what YouTube's done with monetizing their embed capabilities,"

Yes folks, I would like some butter on that popcorn, thanks.

Getty Images are now Free
(taken from Getty owned Stock.xchng)

Hey Dave, What's the Big Deal?

That's what you just said right? No? Shit... voices are coming back again.

Anyway, there's an entire side of the story not being told here. The one about the evil shits that spent the last 7 or so years suing and intimidating the little peeps of the web in a heartless campaign that probably funded a few of those purchases they made (of other image websites).

To whit;

Get the idea? There's plenty more just search ol Googly

I mean seriously. A web designer or content creator might buy an image from Getty, use it in a project... but the client is now liable. Why? Because the liscence is non-transferrable on many of their properties (they own a TON of other image sites).

That 300px wide image you used? Will now be costing the client around $1200, via threatening legal letter. That's the tip of the iceburg. I do encourage you to use the links above to get the level of fear they've created (and we complain about Google... LOL).

Right... so where's the elephant in the room? One has to wonder why they've avoided some potential infringers ... oh, I dunno... just for fun let's say; Facebook. Well, not only would it be one expensive battle, but they might actually lose. Which might set a precedent.. and ... uuuhm. See where that's headed?

This new stance of 'the images are already out there, we throw our hands up' just seems to smell a bit from where I'm sitting.

Ok, this popcorn is makin' me thirsty. Toss me a beer would ya?

An SEO Shit Storm

At the end where they try to play this move off as a way around infringement issues, which they apparently have no way of dealing with (uhm... ) he says,

"The principle is to turn what's infringing use with good intentions, turning that into something that's valid licensed use with some benefits going back to the photographer, and that starts really with attribution and a link back."

I am going to have to assume that these aren't clean links right, (ie; have nofollow attribute)? And hey, everyone out there that starts grabbing them knows the inherent risk with some embeds and ads in places they shouldn't be? I mean, once they start fapping ads into that contextual space of mine above the fold, that couldn't in anyway cause some kind of algorithmic dampening (yea, I didn't say 'penalty', wanna make somethin' of it?)?

They've played on the side of ignorance for gain in the past. I doubt they'll be worried about the bloggers of the world now, going forward. I somehow doubt that they've suddenly had a change of heart. Because seemingly in the past, they didn't actually have one.

Anyway, that;s enough of that. Thanks for the popcorn and the pint, but methinks I'll need a much bigger bag and at least a case of the hard stuff. This one's going to turn into a mini-series. Settle in.


Two of my sites need a new loving parent

Written by David Harry   
Saturday, 27 July 2013 16:19

Hey gang, long time no yak right? I really haven't been writing here over the last year or more because, well... I started Search News Central and have been writing there as well as other locales (such as Search Engine Watch)/. It all started because many friends in the business wanted a leg up by writing here and I figured a new site would be a great idea.

That was then, this is now....

Over the last 6 months we've come to the realization that we don't have the time and staff here to really manage both SNC and our sister site, the SEO Training Dojo. And so, I am considering selling off SNC.

Also up for sale in today's awesome Gypsy sell off, is Reliable SEO. Once upon a time I had seperate websites for our web design and SEO services. Back in January of this year we brought everything back together over on Verve Developments. As such, I no longer have need for the Reliable SEO domain. It is now on the block as well.

While I am fielding offers, if I don't get one that I like, I shall likely just move the content from the sites and redirect. We're not GIVING them away.... a great deal of luv and effort went into the sites.

Here's some details on each;

Search News Central

This is our news site as mentioned earlier. While it was set up to cover many aspects of search and social, the core content is mostly SEO centric at this time.

Search News Central for sale


Below is some info on the site's link profile.

  • Ahrefs; 18 407 links from 744 referring domains (1200 from our other properties)
  • Majestic; 28 640 links from 818 referring domains (1200 from our other properties)

We have a strong link profile as well... we don't 'BUILD' links to the site. Links from top end locales include;

  • Search Engine Land
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Huffington Post
  • Media Post
  • Econsultancy
  • Marketing Land
  • Marketing Bistro
  • SEO Book
  • Moz
  • Webmaster Radio
  • Searchmetrics
  • PubCon
  • Distilled
  • SEO by the Sea

.... and many more. As for ToolBar PageRank etc.... (for those that care) the site has

  • Google TBPR; 4
  • Moz DA; 49
  • Ahrefs DR; 99.8

Social Media Channels

The website's social media channels are as follows;

We've been fairly active but never really set about a strong social media campaign to build out the channels. There's a ton that can be done on this end to improve things. Again, we never had the time to commit.

YouTube / Video; one of the recent things we started doing was more in terms of video. We had a few in our posts and also started doing monthly LIVE events via Google Plus Hangouts.

Traffic and Rankings

Sadly, we've also never really spent the time on SEO for the site. LOL. Yea I hear ya, STFU aight? Between the Dojo and client work, she was the ugly duckling of the family.

Traffic; on a good day she only does about 600 unique visitors / day, she's had some 35k uniques this year. And really, this year sucked as we slowly realized we couldn't keep up. The previous years were far better.

Rankings; as with most blog/news type sites, a great deal of the search traffic comes from terms related to the various posts, not the 'money terms'. The (not provided) from Google is a staggering 77.9%. As such it's a bit tough to tell exactly what's driving the most traffic.

We rank around 21st for [search news] and about the same for [SEO news]. Those are about the only 'money terms' as far as that goes.


Articles; there are currently 396 articles on the site.

CMS; is on Joomla CMS with JoomlaMagazine for display elements.

At this point the main thing required is a new template. To freshen things up and add responsive design. We can assist with that (for the right price) or we can help move everything onto a WordPress or other CMS if desired (again, for the right price).

Authors; we currently have around 20 authors. Some notibles that have posted past and present include;

David Harry (obviously)

  • Terry Van Horne
  • Anthony Verre
  • Barry Adams
  • Doc Sheldon
  • Gabriella Sannino
  • Ian Lurie
  • Garrett French
  • Mike Wilton
  • David Iwanow
  • Glenn Gabe
  • Michelle Stinson Ross
  • Jim Hedger
  • Gerald Weber

Penalization History

  • No manual actions have ever been taken against the site
  • No hits from Google Panda/Penguin against the site

The site has never been hit with anything and has a strong trust factor as far as Google is concerned.

Revenue Stream; that's an easy one. There is none. Sadly this is an area we really hadn't focused on as we wanted to establish the site before really getting into this end of things. That, and as mentioned earlier, we really just didn't have the time nor manpower to get into this properly.


We will help manage the site for 1 month and train your people to use the author communication system as well as adding content to the site as needed. We won't run the site, but we will assist with the transition.

We will continue to also assist in the ongoing social channel promotion including posting SNC content on streams from the SEO Dojo and my personal accounts. This will also run for the first month or so.

We require that our advertising on the site remain for a period of 6 months. At this time we have banners running for SEO Training Dojo, SEO Pros and Verve Developments. And hey, it looks good for attracting new advertisers when there's already some on the site. Right?

As per above, we will continue to run adverts and show links to SNC via our other properties. That amounts to some 1200 links in total.

And there you have it. She's certainly not kicking ass, but the potential and ground work is there. It can't be stressed enough that I will just move the top posts/pages and just redirect them, before I'll let the site go for a pittance. There's just far too much value and time in for me to not make that stipulation.

Want me to stick around as a figurehead? Let me know... that option might be something I'd consider for the right price.

Reliable SEO

This is the little baby of the two, but I love 'er just as much. As far as some details, there really aren't much. Our time was spent on the other sites and my client work. Marketing myself via Reliable was never really needed.

Reliable SEO for Sale


Below is some info on the site's link profile.

  • Ahrefs; 4276 links from 139 referring domains (400 from our other properties)
  • Majestic; 2000 links from 139 referring domains (300 from our other properties)

Some of the links to the site some from;

  • Search Engine Land
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Bruce Clay
  • Search Engine People
  • Vertical Measures
  • WordStream
  • Searchmetrics
  • Web Pro World
  • SEO by the Sea

.... and more. Again, we don't 'build' links to our sites and as such, there's a good trust and authority in the link profiles.

Citations; it should also be noted that we have some non-link citations from the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and multiple times from Media Post. It should be noted these are citations such as "David Harry from Reliable SEO" and the like.

As for ToolBar PageRank etc.... (for those that care) the site has

  • Google TBPR; 3
  • Moz DA; 35
  • Ahrefs DR; 98

Social Media Channels

We did barely ANY social media activity and building for this site. The channels are in place at least, but that's about it lol. The website's social media channels are as follows;

Traffic and Rankings

Again, broken record time, there's not been much effort on this front. Most of the search traffic comes from terms related to [SEO KPI] and [SEO benchmarks] which is a post in the knowledge base section of the site.

Nothing to see here, move along...


Content; beyond the informational service pages, there's a dozen or so older articles in the 'SEO knowledge base'.

CMS; is on Joomla CMS with a few add-ons for forms and newsletters.

Form; we also have a crappy RFP form that, while in need of an update, is in place at least.

Penalization History

  • No manual actions have ever been taken against the site
  • No hits from Google Panda/Penguin against the site

The site has never been hit with anything and has a strong trust factor as far as Google is concerned.

And that's about it for that one... Obviously I am not looking for a King's Ransom here. What's more important is that I have been associated with the domain for many years and I won't let just anyone take it over. I'd rather redirect before giving it to someone that might tarnish it's image.

Want me to stick around as a figurehead? Let me know... that option might be something I'd consider.

Anyway, I am sending this out to the folks I know in the industry for first cracks at them. In fact, if I can't find someone I trust/like to pass these too, it won't happen. I can't really put my children into the hands of anyone I think might sully the name. I'd rather just move content and redirect.

If you're interested in talking about either of these, please do get in touch by email (likely anyone I'd sell to already has mine) or hit me up via the contact page on this site here.

Cheers and have a great week!!!


Trail of the wandering Gypsy

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 16:09

Hey gang, as you may or may not know, I am using this as my personal blog for musing and other fun. Most of my writing will now be done at Search News Central, Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land. But since a lot of folks still come here, it seems a good idea to give you an update on recent news

SEO Dojo T-shirts - back last fall there was a post here with some funky shirt ideas and after finding some time in my insane schedule, we manage to get them together. Go have a look, I hope you like them. More to come soon.

Social Signals and SEO - was an article I posted this week on SNC that looks at the over growing hyperbole surrounding the world of social signals and search. Hopefully this sheds some light on it all and we can be a little more realistic moving forward.

Patents 2010 - for those of my geeking brethren, I did a series of posts rounding up the various patents of interest from the big 3 (now 2?). You can find them here; Google, Bing, Yahoo!

Search Geeks Speak; Danny Sullivan - we've started a new show on SEO Dojo Radio where we will be talking to various people from the search industry. The first show kicked things off well as Danny Sullivan dropped by to hang out. A good time had by all.


And there you have it... I hope 2011 is going well for you and we'll cya in da' SERPs!


The Geeks Holiday Avatar Shop is Now Open!

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 02 December 2010 16:29

Over the years we tend to know each other (by sight) from our avatars as much as our names. From the forum daze to the rise of social, they've bee a part of one's online persona. One of the fun parts of that is watching how your friends/followers evolve over time or adapt them for various causes/holidays.

Which brings us to the current holidays approaching. Here on the Trail we started 'cheering up' people's avatars, just for fun, back in 2008 (see the original round here). What was just started on a whim to brighten up the web and spread holiday cheer, has now bee an annual ritual it would seem.

Here's some of the ones from this year so far (we'll add new ones as they happen);


Dean Cruddace


Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones
Monica Wright

Melissa Fach

Arnie Kuenn
Gerald Weber


Fun stuff huh? It's surely a good break from all this 'Art of War' stuff I've been cranking out here right? If you're interested in getting one done just track me down on Twitter or Facebook and we'll hook ye up (we do what we can with the time we have ok?).

At the end of the day, it is just a great excuse to spread some luv'n and make the web a brighter/friendlier place. And hey, I've already met some new peeps I didn't know before... it's all worth it.

Happy Holidays to All!


SEO Training Dojo Turns One

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 25 October 2010 16:19

And gets a new home!

Hi there, I promised I'd be back, and I am. Back on Friday I was lamenting the convoluted nature of this site and how we were working on fixing that. We looked at how we launched Search News Central for the authors, and we hinted at changes for the SEO Dojo. Well, we've done just that.

As part of the SEO Training Dojo's first birthday, it got a new home (domain) off of the site (at We've also done considerable renovations as per our members input along the way. It's been a lot of work, but I can start to finally call the Trail home again.

New SEO Training Dojo


Membership Discounts

Also as par tof the birthday celebrations we also are going to be giving 35% off subscription rates for ONE WEEK. This is definately the time to get in if you've been thinking about it. I have a feeling it will be getting very busy in there real soon. Here's some details to get you up to speed;

I would sit here and write some more but to be honest? I am freakin' exhausted! Launching two sites in two weeks if enough to drive ya nuts (and lose yer wife and kids). Thanks as always to all my friends, Dojo mates and supporters. Life has made some big changes lately, I can't wait until the dust settles.

Go check out my new toys;

Search News Central
The SEO Training I am gonna get some rest before I fall over. Stay tuned for - The Art of War; SEO Style

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