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Using iGoogle and FriendFeed to tame the Social media madness

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 29 May 2008 22:50


Ok, a friend was musing at my social activities and link collecting habits while observing, “you have no life” - considering my info obsessions. So let me take a few moments to explain one of the many ways one can organize info to save sanity…

For starters, I have been finding it useful to play with my latest toy; FriendFeed. From here I can comment on blog posts, reply to Twitter conversations, share my fav links, see friend’s Stumbles and much more… The best part is that it is all from a single interface.

Not only can I track all of my mates activities in one place, but also keep topic focussed discussions rolling in some FriendFeed Rooms; Learn SEO - Search Engine Marketing - Social Media - The Sphinn Zone

Next we want to bring all of that back to a central location, for me that’s with my Google reader – so some widgets and the iGoogle home page get called into action;

iGoogle makes things work

Now I can monitor my Feed Reader and FriendFeed activity at a glance. In addition, we can comment, like smiley, respond to twitter and more from the FF widget. As you can see I have nine different Tabs in my iGoogle, so there are many ways to segment and localize information.

Hmmm… maybe a closer look into my mysterious iGoogle mahem is in order – a post for another day.

There are other tools I use, but that is how I manage things here… just waiting for my Sphinn widget to read, submit, comment and vote remotely and we’re in business ;0)



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