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This Month in Social Media

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 04 August 2010 14:00

(July that is)

By Justin Parks

 Well its been “go go go” this month in social and it seems that no one wants to take a break for the summer hols... or maybe they are on their summer hols and are just tweeting about it. Whatever way, there have been some interesting developments in the hot hot month of July.


Crap .Nothing note worthy happened except that it pretty much refused to work for the whole damn month.  This was probably due to some upset employee with a demented plan for world domination starting with the destruction of the twitter platform, but as usual, no one wanted to admit that and instead they made up some boring bullshit story about servers and limits and expenses or such that no one really gave two monkeys about and was a waste of time as we all knew about the plan for world domination anyway.


Apart from one of my mates chaing his status to single things where interesting in the world of FaceBook. Reporting on it seems that the LIKE or SHARE button has taken on a whole new dimension for publishers.  Upon hitting the like key, publishers will then have the functionality to publish content directly to the feeds of folks who liked a specific page.

Under a tumult of screams echoing the words "SPAM! SPAM! SPAM!" the more sober among us decided that this is probably a good thing if it curtails the insane amount of fecking "I like this " crap that goes on and may make folk a little more cautious and simultaneously, serious, about hitting that like button.

On top of this FaceBook have also become addicted to create pages for themselves the self serving gits. After launching the FaceBook safety page earlier this month and a page for public relations professionals (hahaha - sorry ) week previous, Facebook has another page in its expanding arsenal for another group, namely the  - media.

FaceBook + Media page is geared to media organizations to help them: “drive referral traffic, increase engagement, and deepen user insights”. Or as I like to translate it as:

"a simple set of instructions for the nobheads media jockeys who are to cheap to pay someone who knows about it or who cant figure out how to do it themselves... and deepen user insights"

 .... Christ.


 And the other stuff.

What else has happened this month... Well! There’s always the old Spice viral video so many people have fallen in love with.  Having created a vid showing of the product Isaiah Mustafa (the big black guy in the ads) begin making vids to order for people who tweeted him questions or something similar.  Load of old bollocks if you aks me but it has catapulted the campaign into the semi naked atmosphere and caused more and more men to go around smelling like disinfectant mixed with paint thinner. 

 Sometimes I wish we could try some stuff before we help it go viral, some people are in for a serious eye watering surprise when they blast that stuff on in the department store!

 I guess the only thing left is to wish Mashable a Happy Birthday and may you not die as soon as possible and your rotting commerical ass get dragged back to the cess pool from whence it came.  Happy Birthday!

 Justin Parks

About the Author; Justin Parks is a social media consultant whom blogs over at his name-sake, Justin He is our resident social media geek at the SEO Dojo and will be coming in now and again on the trail to enlighten us on the world of social. Great to have him on board. ( be sure to follow him on Twitter)


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