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The Sphinn Awards Part 2

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 12 November 2007 23:28

Hello and welcome back to the un-Official Sphinn Awards, or the Sphinners. When we left off over at Search Engine People, we had just given out some dazzling hardware to some of your favourite Sphinn- addicts;

The Frustration and Futility Award
The Fast Fingers Award
Spread the Love Award

Be sure to check those out if you missed it.

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Now back to the festivities… let’s meet our next Sphinner winners!


<motions to stop applause – again>

Media is media and it’s all about the Buzz. There are those among us that have the unique ability to get us all talking (but not one that can shut me up?). In the Sphinn-o-Sphere there is only one true test of a story’s reach, it is in the community dialogue, for that I present….

 The Social Seduction Award - for the story that got the most people talking (most comments) -
(Danny is eligible – SEL Story)

You can’t talk about SEO without mentioning about this guy;

The winner is; Yes Virginia submitted by Danny Sullivan which garnered an impressive 75 Comments!!

Honorable Mention;

Rand’s Unprofessional and Irresponsible Actions from Skizzo – 61 comments
the John Andrews Experiment - posted and written by John Andrews - 57 comments
Dazzlin Donna with; Rand Fishkin and the Troll defence. – 54 comments
the SearchBuzz with; Why Sphinn needs a Dumbass button – 48 Comments

Let's move along....

<start bad Sam Spade gag> It was a lonely night, it was cold outside, real cold, the kind of cold that can chill a man down to the bone. The kind of night that could make Jason Calacanis praise “SEO Rocks Dude”, if you promised to let him in to sit by the fire. Did our next Sphinner care?</end gag> Of course not. He was snuggled up inside, all nice and warm, 24hrs/day glued to his newsreader…intravenous most likely. In honour of the insomniacs among us;

The Tireless Reporter Award – for the Most Story Submissions -

We know him, we love him, the award goes to;

DoshDosh – with a whopping 301 Stories submitted

Honourable Mention;

Gary Price – 161 Stories submitted
Lyndon – 105 Stories submitted
Andy Beard – 102 Stories submitted
Chris Winfield – 88 Stories submitted


And now, the moment you didn’t know you were waiting for. That time when we sit back and marvel at those with gifts we can only but imagine. Amongst us there dwell individuals that have the mythical Midas Touch. They notice 4-leaf clovers where we only saw weeds; because it must be nice to be so right, it’s time for;

The Bullseye Award - Highest Gone-Hot Percentage (min. 25 Submissions) -

Though light on quantity, we can’t argue with the quality, the award goes to….

Tamar – as 100% of her Submissions Went ‘Hot’  (25 Stories Posed)

Tamar comes on-stage;

"At first I was hesitant to accept this award.  But I'd like to thank my mom, my dad, Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz, my husband, his mom's cat, and all my friends and family for voting for me.  I appreciate the support and enthusiasm, and I won't let you down! "

Honourable Mention;

Sabastian - 82% (29 Stories Posted)
Aim Clear - 77% (57 Stories Posted)
Loren Baker - 76% (30 Stories Posted)
NowSourcing - 75% (28 Stories Posted)
Chris Winfield – 72% (88 Stories Posted)

And now for the final award to end the festivities and we have saved the best for last!

We all know the mantra; Content is King. As a writer there is no better proving ground than to ‘stick it out’ in front of your peers to be judged by all… erm...uh... you know what I mean... anyway, for giving us plenty to Sphinn and gossip about, it’s time for the;

 Sphinner’s Choice Award – for the site featured most often in the top 200 greatest hits -

While many sites with a multitude of writers have all contributed greatly in making Sphinn what it is today, one elevated itself above the rest….

The winner is….

Search Engine Journal with 18 stories in the top 200 a whopping 9%!!.

Honourable Mention;

Search Engine Land – 13 stories in the top 200
Aim Clear – 11 stories in the top 200
Search Engine Guide – 11 stories in the top 200
Andy Beard – 7 stories in the top 200
TechPedia – 6 (get a logo would ya Tamar.. yeesh)

Well there you have it. I encourage all of our winners to promptly post Acceptance speeches on their Blog, or email it to me if it is inappropriate there, and I will post it here on my Blog. You can also get in touch to claim your award (large and small graphics), if you like :0)

I would like to give a big digital bear hug to Jeff over at Search Engine People for egging me on with the idea and playing along as it grew…. I'd also like to thank Bill Hartzer and Tamar for sending over their acceptance speeches; thanks for playing along! Until next time, keep on Sphinning!


We’d like to thank you for not participating in the voting, as it was all just some fun we were having. The ballots for the ‘Sphinners’ were administered by the firm of Itwasnt Noboby and DidntDoit. The process for the ‘Spinners’ was completely unscientific and devised through rigorous sessions of caffeine and sleep deprivation. No animals were hurt during the production of the ‘Spinners’, although my Boa seemed to be eyeing my ‘mouse’ for a period there.. either way… both are safe now. We hope you have enjoyed this evening’s festivities and hope you will join us next time. That is, if there is a next time. It’s not like I gave much of this any thought or anything… really… I mean we could have another, but what’s the point? Well, regardless, good night.


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