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Plurk: The Power of Wasting Time

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 08:37

5 reasons why you should be using Plurk - by Samir Balwani

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz about a new Twitter competitor called Plurk. In my opinion this new micro-blogging platform has taken the conversation to a whole new level. But along with all the talk about how great Plurk is, people have begun to question its usefulness. In response, I've compiled a list of reasons why Plurk should be an integral part of every Internet Marketer's toolbox.


Obama PlurkBranding:

A smart Plurker will use this platform as a way to effectively strengthen their brand. Just by watching avatars and names pass by on my timeline, I've grown to recognize newer brands.

Want to maximize this effect?

Use an avatar you want people to remember, or the one you use everywhere else. Also, don't forget that at 40.00 Karma you're able to change your Plurk Name. My suggestion is to use either your real name, or your brand.


Plurk is also a great tool to build your reputation. By befriending or following well known Plurkers you can start to join in their discussions. When you respond to someone that's well-connected, along with that Plurker, their friends and followers see what you wrote. Now your opinion and thoughts are building a reputation with other Plurkers that you didn't know.


Another benefit of befriending Plurk's power users is access. Unlike Twitter, where usually conversation is one-sided, on Plurk you can create a conversation. No longer are people simply website owners and blog writers, but instead they're your friends with whom you have an open line of communication. Don't hesitate to send a private Plurk or strike up a conversation. Make sure you do this in moderation, don't become a spammer!


Uncle Sam PlurkAlong with the "open line of communication" comes opportunity. Looking to write a guest post? Ask your favorite blogger, or a friend on Plurk. Need someone to make you a video? Post it on Plurk and wait for responses. On Plurk you have access to people with different backgrounds and expertise; just ask a question and you might be surprised how quickly you get an answer.


Finally, and my favorite reason to Plurk, it's fun! The Plurk culture is one of personable conversation where humor and fun are emphasized, while intelligent Plurks reign supreme.

So the final question is; Why aren't you wasting time with me?


Dave; Samir is a fellow Plurker that was kind enough to take me up on my standing offer for guest posting from the PlurkWorld - you can read more on his blog - Left the Box - if you're looking to hook up you can find him on Plurk as - LeftTheBox (of course)

..thanks for riding the trail with us today Samir... hope to have you back some time soon!


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