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Social Media Marketing is it for you

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 25 September 2007 02:26

Well, this post has been a long time coming. Back before I fell into a hole and all but disappeared from the public eye (such that it is with my limited visibility) I had started really looking Social Media Marketing ( SMM ) and it’s true value on the larger scale, not only for the sites that already have achieved popularity - I also wanted to look at its over-all viability and ability to deliver a return on investments (ROI) for the time and money (yes some folks have to pay writers or have staff maintain these programs). In short I wanted to discuss it’s viability, from my own perspective at least.

Is it for everyone?

Right away, I personally believe it is not for every business/market. There are simply some types of websites/businesses that won’t really benefit from this. If you take Digg style sites for example, not every niche has one available and the stories that do well in Digg aren’t often about the mundane like plumbing or pea gravel. Sure, you could contrive a related story to post, but a long term love affair with the front pages of Digg simply isn’t in the cards.

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