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Getting a grip on Social Media Marketing

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 27 November 2007 19:20

Social Media Desire; all that Glitters is not Gold

So you fancy yourself a social creature do you? You get all warm and fuzzy inside when the mindless social media traffic hits your site, thrilled by the thought Digging your way to stardom? Are you unsure if using SMM is So you wanna get social?for you? Well, let’s see if we can’t put some reality to the beast that is the world of Social Media Marketing once and for all… however unlikely that may sound.

I recently started an ongoing dialogue with m’homey Jeff (Quip of Search Engine People) as he loves the SMM world and I brush it off with a hearty grunt on most occasions. Our path started in email chit chat and then he posted; 7 Benefits to Engaging in Social Media - which I thought was certainly aimed in my general direction and so I posted about it in my Beer Break a while ago - to which he was nice enough to poke me back at the end of this post; Now, I believe it is worth mentioning that I am a believer in SMM having a place in the iMarketing toolbox, it is the value or weight it should receive in importance that I am not as convinced on as others… that’s my basic stance.

So let us try another stab at it because I feel the experience is good for people sitting on both sides of the fence or on top of it. Once more I shall play the devils advocate and spike this creature with my lance until it behaves as it should. Let’s get Anti-Social!

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The Sphinn Awards Part 2

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 12 November 2007 23:28

Hello and welcome back to the un-Official Sphinn Awards, or the Sphinners. When we left off over at Search Engine People, we had just given out some dazzling hardware to some of your favourite Sphinn- addicts;

The Frustration and Futility Award
The Fast Fingers Award
Spread the Love Award

Be sure to check those out if you missed it.

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Now back to the festivities… let’s meet our next Sphinner winners!

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How to Dominate Sphinn in 4 Easy Steps

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 31 October 2007 18:38

Hot or Not - A Sphinn-o-ween Tale

I decided to spend an hour of my evening last night amusing myself some numbers. Ultimately, it ended up dragged me along giggling and snittering into the night - I do get carried away you know. You see, after my recent rant about Sphinn-o-sphere Dominancesome oddities and amusements at the expense of the crowd at Sphinn. I began thinking about some of Jeff’s number crunching, while I don’t have the patience to go into the depth he did, I was curious, possibly a tad over tired and just had to know;

What do some of the top stories ( Hot Topics) on Sphinn have in common? How is the editorial pie being dispensed? With some due-diligence and a few pots of tea, I cracked the code. Now the truth can be told… muuuaahh ha ha haaa. I have concocted a devious plan that any of you bright lights out there can use to get yourself to glory and greatness in the Sphinn-o-sphere!

But remember…..

Glory is like a circle in the water, Which never ceaseth to enlarge itself, Till by broad spreading it disperses to naught. -- William Shakespeare; English dramatist & poet (1564 - 1616)

…and away we go ….


Some like it Hot - the Sphinn domination plan! ( tongue planted firmly in cheek)

I loosely based a ‘Hot’ commodity level of at least 25% of total submissions, meaning that to be a top dog you had to have at least 1 in 4 stories that are going ‘Hot’, and here's what I found;

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Go Sphinn yourself

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 29 October 2007 15:51

A rant and a ramble into the Sphinn-o-sphere

Oh my freaking GOD!!! -- Here’s a new one… Marty ‘Sphinned’ some Sphinn comments that Lyndon made. This is just getting too funny. If things weren't already freaking me out over there, now people are actually starting to treat comments on the site as a 'News Story' - which in themselves are merely a poor excuse for a message board. Talk about redundant. This reminds me of marketing folks that ‘Blog about Blogging’ - Oh, and the actual comments of Lyndon’s were in response to Marty 'confirming' that the nepotism is still alive and well

The funny part? Well, it seems that even the one ABOUT the comments was a ‘Hot Story’ - according to the Sphinions ( the minions of the Sphinn Idol). Day by day I see more crap rising to the top over there and some actually interesting stuff that gets no more than a few hours of play on the ‘What's New ’ page. It is the same people over-and-over that are magically the purveyors of good information it would seem. I see the opposite happening, the Power-Sphinners are submitting just about anything they come across because the minions have convinced them they can’t miss and some pretty interesting stuff never sees the light of day.

How about this one – good for a giggle;

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I do not Digg getting Stumbled Upon

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 28 September 2007 18:34

Blogging about bloggin. Diggin’ about Diggin and stumbling all over stumbled upon. Every story has a ‘Sphinn’ to it these days huh?

I was chatting with some one the other day and told them that writing for the marketing plan and optimizing for the search engines can have some consequences that may not be all together obvious.

monster.jpgI always liked listening to MC giving the company line (and personal?) of ‘build a quality site’ for reasons of getting natural links or for perceived quality from a search engine. I like this from the standpoint of conversions more than anything. It is the end product/service/offering of the site/blog/whatever that will dictate the actions of the visitors. Getting hung up on obtaining visitors at the cost of the offering, seems unsound.

If people get hung up on baiting with ‘Title Grabbers' and ‘flavour of the day’ posts – Digg-able stuff – they can miss the entire model of what they are trying to do. A brand is a brand.. person, place or thing, there is an identity.  The same can be said for search optimization, in that folks can start trying to please the search engines over pleasing the end user. I have seen this many times and finding the happy balance is important.

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