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I do not Digg getting Stumbled Upon

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 28 September 2007 18:34

Blogging about bloggin. Diggin’ about Diggin and stumbling all over stumbled upon. Every story has a ‘Sphinn’ to it these days huh?

I was chatting with some one the other day and told them that writing for the marketing plan and optimizing for the search engines can have some consequences that may not be all together obvious.

monster.jpgI always liked listening to MC giving the company line (and personal?) of ‘build a quality site’ for reasons of getting natural links or for perceived quality from a search engine. I like this from the standpoint of conversions more than anything. It is the end product/service/offering of the site/blog/whatever that will dictate the actions of the visitors. Getting hung up on obtaining visitors at the cost of the offering, seems unsound.

If people get hung up on baiting with ‘Title Grabbers' and ‘flavour of the day’ posts – Digg-able stuff – they can miss the entire model of what they are trying to do. A brand is a brand.. person, place or thing, there is an identity.  The same can be said for search optimization, in that folks can start trying to please the search engines over pleasing the end user. I have seen this many times and finding the happy balance is important.

I was harassing Brother MadHat today about blogging about a blogger, ( Lyndoman ) who had been talking about... of course, blogging. Then I started thinking about all the ‘ How to get to the front page of Digg ‘ type posts and ‘ How Stumble your way ’ made for Stumble type ones that basically were about ass kissing or baiting, fear mongering or the topic of the day in some incestuous type of circle talk madness that effectively dilutes the quality of the brand. Certainly much of Social Media is all about the ‘network’ (cough..pyramid..cough)… but it does get out of control at a certain point.

I keep all the pretty buttons on my Blog as a service to the end user and hopefully for some added reach for my efforts. Do I sit down and think how I can best create a piece of content to get some viral love? Not often really... not as a primary consideration at least... but that's me.


Well, that’s about it. I will – write for myself – write for the reader… then I will worry about the search engines and social media. A contrived piece of content would not accomplish as much in greater scheme of things as they usually lack real value.

Mr MadHat, though blogging about blogging, recently said – Don’t post for the sake of consistency – and so my fiends, I rant because I must (and there’s nothing to do in this small town).. not to blow wind.

Now I have blogged about blogging... I've gone and done it... then end must be near… beware! (finish up with some fear mongering..right?)


Added; Seems GreyWolf had a rant ... Digital Vapor -- some one implied (in the comments) that his rant on SM was somehow lessened because of the Sphinn button on his page - like I said, enabling the user isn't the same as creating for the system and pushing crap for the sake of it.



0 # TheMadHat 2007-09-28 19:42
I just have trouble not clicking them. Nice work on the digg chomping monster thing.

Social media...I wouldn't really know cause I really suck at writing titles and linkbait isn't really my thing. I think it's an overrated technique constrained the the younger crowd. I am however, good at spamming and dropping links in very large quantities to my MFA sites creating quality content for my useful and completely white hat sites.

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0 # theGypsy 2007-09-28 19:58
He he... the strike-through left.. ye look like a fishing spammer mate... HA!

Like my monster? Was a left over from a design project... figured I could make use of him.

Social media is for narcissistic, nepotistic pansies and spammers. I hate all the folks submitting contrived junk on them... how a bout even the hub-bub over stuff like BlogRush ... that lasted what? A week?

I have been guilty of hitting a popular topic here and there... but I am usually trashing stuff than trying to write to get folks 'clicking' about it...
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0 # TheMadHat 2007-09-28 21:01
It's a never ending cycle. Instead of trying to figure out linkbait everyday of every week, people should start thinking about how to make their business better. "10 ways to bong a beer" isn't going to sell me more widgets if my widget website sucks ass.

Damn strike through...
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0 # theGypsy 2007-09-28 21:31
Well so many folks may as well call themselves a MFA - since they work the SM to get traffic and monetize it. Same crap, different pile.

..and even tho Wolf was trashing it today, he also posted about it being all about the backlinks lately... so there are those ragging the SM sites for that reason...

Now, try and find something interesting... I use my iGoogle home page thingy or the reader known sources.
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