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SEOs say NO to reciprocal links!

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 23:19

In our last poll we asked everyone; Do you use reciprocal links in your SEO programs - the result was a resounding NO to that one. Here's the breakdown on it;


  • 74% - No I don't see value in them any more
  • 9.1% - Yes I actively seek out link partners
  • 6.5% - Yes but covertly instead of 'link' pages
  • 6.5% - No I am worried about getting smacked
  • 3.9% - Yes but I use 3-4 way link programs


That's a pretty definitive answer on that one... it seems that most of the readership of the Trail have no use for them these days. I suppose it is worth noting that 15% still do them... but few play with 3-4 way trickery. I suppose if I covertly arranged link drops with a page that was FAR more authoritative than mine, and passed greater juice, I might consider it, but generally speaking I feel there are better ways to go about link programs these days...

What say you?


This week we're talking analytics and the question is; Do you trust analytics programs? - so why not head over, check the early results and cast your vote?


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