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SEOs leery of directory links

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 13 August 2009 14:40

Last week over in the Dojo we ran a poll (open to the public) that asked the question; Are directory links worth doing?

We put the word out on Twitter and elsewhere and so far have more than 84 responses. Now, it wasn't the most scientific poll, since I was cheeky about one of the options, but I believe most went past that and we have some reasonably good data as to what the community thinks of doing directory submissions as part of their link building programs.


At the end of the day the majority (nearly 55%) felt that they were worth doing, but only the top/niche ones out there. Also of interest is that 'Not sure, losing value' and 'WTF is this 2005?' combined for 32% and may speak to them being in decline as a link building tactic. Here's the breakdown;


  • 54.8% Yes, but only a selection of top/niche ones
  • 21.4% Not sure, they're losing value
  • 10.7% WTF? Is this 2005? NO!
  • 8.3% Yes I mass spam them
  • 4.8% Only top paid ones are worth it


You can see all the data here


This week, in large part due to my coverage of a reciprocal link spam detection patent, the question is; Do you use reciprocal links as part of your SEO programs?

Early data say... no... why not drop into the Dojo and cast your vote?



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