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Page segmentation and link building

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 13 July 2009 08:28

Do you know where to find prime link real estate?

Brother Bill expertly covered (yet another) patent on page segmentation the other day; this time from Yahoo. It is certainly an area that SEOs really might want to be paying more attention to these days. Considering that each of the big three have dabbled into it (to varying degrees) over the last ½ decade, there is every reason to believe that something might be here (all that ‘where there is smoke’… yada yada).

Google Page segmentation has widely been developed for use in OCR applications to better understand text/image relationships. More recently, we’ve seen this area of expertise brought to the online world. One important aspect that should be of particular interest to those in the SEO world is in the link related ramifications.

Let us consider that Google, the king of link reliant search engines, would certainly find a huge benefit from this approach for valuating links (or even indexation decisions).

An interesting example is the recent update to the Google Blog search that fixed the issue of Google indexing blog roll links (problematic when using the link: command). As soon as that news broke I thought, ‘How’d they do that I wonder?’ – Obviously page segmentation came to mind.

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Link building strategy

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 03 October 2008 12:34

Follow the trail to da SR

In case you missed it, posted a few more articles in the series on foundational link building - you know, the basics. This week was about article/content marketing.... at least my thoughts on the matter. If you'd like to know more about what makes this SEO brain groove... have a read;

Getting the most from Article Marketing
Article marketing tips and resources

And do't forget last weeks foundational link building tips;

Using directories for SEO
Dave's list of directory resources

Hopefully the weekly link roundup will get done tomorrow, for more reading see my FriendFeed rooms on SEO and SEM

Peace - keep ya hands in da ayer!


Using KW research to diversify link profiles

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 14 July 2008 07:49

Your guide to creating natural link profiles

Using your keyword research when crafting link profiles is extremely important for both internal and external tagging. Crafting link profiles is all about related diversity. What I mean by that is we want to have a diversified link text collection that is made of up related phrasings and creates a ‘theme’ in the eyes of a search engine.

A full featured link profile for a given page or website should be diverse in links texts as well as timing of the links. Search engines look for anomalies in these areas and can discount or devalue your links if it believes them to be artificially crafted. I would say the thresholds are likely reasonably high (for major link spammers) but it is still an area of interest and potentially concern.

Beyond the fact that there is the potential for running afoul of the search engines, creating diversity and themes will ultimately create a stronger link profiles and naturally create long-tail traffic opportunities as well.

Don't be a lazy shit

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Hooked on Link Baiting

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 18 February 2008 18:10

Your Content; the ultimate link building tool

There is a lot of grumbling these days about how search engines value (or have devalued) various types of back links. One thing you may start to notice is that many people are attached to the external or offsite link building practices and have forgotten the ability of on-site work that can harness even greater powers from within. With the proliferation of Social Media Marketing, (SMM) there are many new ways to get that great content the exposure needed to garner multifaceted link love. Considering that some of my recent posts addressed the cross-over areas of SMM and SEO, it seems a discussion of Link Bait is a logical direction for me to go next.

Link Bait, in simplest terms, merely means creating content that others would want to link to (tell others about) in some way (in a forum, on a blog, a social media site and so forth). This dual citizenship (of SMM and SEO) makes it all the more an area of interest for the modern web marketer.The true power of a link baiting program is that the links are generally diversified and natural. One of the most important aspects of a well rounded link profile is natural editorial links. When done right, link bait activities can build a very natural link profile which is an essential ingredient in the recipe. So how do we get them? Let’s take a ride through some of the more popular approaches;


Link Spam Assassin


Let us count the ways…

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4 Great Linkbait Ideas Free for the Taking

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 22 January 2008 19:04

 .... An adventure with Gabriel Goldenberg of SEO ROI

Dave - Ok peeps, today I have brought in a ringer in the form of a fellow Canuck by the name of Gabriel Goldenberg from SEO ROI (more on him later) who had some pretty good ideas lying around that he felt like sharing. …. I was tempted just to keep them for myself, but who has time left in the day? Not I…. So enjoy!


Gabriel GoldenbergIf you’ve known me for any period of time, you’ll know that I produce ideas about a mile a minute. And frequently enough, I like the idea enough that I’ll go purchase a domain, write out a plan for it and sit on it until I have some time (I’ve learnt my lesson about spreading myself thin).

To wit: I currently own;

  • (motorcycle in French)
  • (check out the Overture on that - hah!)

 … and over a dozen more. Many of the ideas I get aren’t for websites though - they’re for linkbait.

 Just as with my website plans and ideas, I’m limited by time and resources. So rather than be a hog, I figured I’d share some of my ideas in the hope that someone else might benefit from executing them.

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