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Link Building Campaign Prep

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 13:07

6 Steps BEFORE You Start Link Prospecting

by the mad link geek; Garrett French

We've found that many new link builders begin link prospecting before they're ready - typically by means of pulling large lists of competitor backlinks. This leads to a link building campaign that's full of fits and starts, a campaign that never achieves a terminal velocity.

This article outlines a pre-campaign process for link builders so that they know exactly what type of link prospects they're looking for, and exactly where to go to find them.

1) Know Your "Linkable Assets"

What pages on your website are most likely to attract links? Which people in your organization are capable of attracting links? Conduct a "linkable asset inventory" for your organization and you will have a good starting point for knowing the resources you have available for attracting links.

Some of the major linkable asset types include:

  • Quality Content Used for Lead Gen (PDFs, Videos, Webinars)
  • Budget for Advertising
  • Widgets and Free Apps
  • Company Blog (consistently updated with quality content)
  • Thought Leaders (with time to write...)
  • PR Department
  • Contests
  • Coupons
  • Job Openings
  • Forums
  • Interns

Knowing your linkable assets will help you immensely when you finally get to the 5th step. It will also tell you whether or not you are even ready to start prospecting and outreach. If you don't find many or even any linkable assets during your inventory you know where you need to concentrate.

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Link Building Gems from User Behavior Patterns

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 01 February 2010 16:41

(the following is a guest post from Jennifer Van Iderstyne)

Depending on who you talk to, people are either highly predictable, or completely unpredictable.  Delving into the topic, will only get you entrenched in a centuries old debate of scientists, philosophers, religions and bar room drunks. No matter which side of the predictability of man argument you stand on, no one can deny the role of probability and predictability on internet marketing and the evolution of the web.

I mean after all, as we watch the growing predilection of search engines toward customized and personalized SERPS, what are those results based on if not, predictability? The tendency of internet users to be predictable in their likes dislikes and habits, is an internet marketer’s greatest weapon. We depend on those habits, we live and die with them, and when we are lucky we can be inspired by them.

I wish I was about to reveal some grand secret regarding the ability to predict behaviors but alas, I don’t have that information. In fact, if I did, I wouldn’t be sharing it. I’d be busy releasing the latest wave of sickly viral YouTube videos featuring veterans rapping about urban fashion and dancing bananas.

Instead, I want to share a story of an experience that really stuck with me. From a time when looking through a site’s back links led me to a discovery. A revelation which taught me about predicting what could work in the future, based on something that was already happening.

SEO and behavioural observations

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18 Must Follow Link Building Experts on Twitter

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 16 September 2009 13:35

(the following is a guest post from Melanie Nathan)

Ask a SEO what their least favorite task is and they’ll most likely tell you it’s link building. That’s because link building can be tedious, time consuming and mind numbingly hard.

What does that say about the following people, who have consciously chosen to make link building a main weapon in their SEO arsenal? That they eat SEO lightning and crap link building thunder!

<...... cue Rocky theme ............>

Links + Anchor text means high rankings

These aren’t just people who know “a little about link building”. Oh no. These people are so well versed and experienced, that they can very safely be considered experts on the subject (though most of them will hate being called experts).

They all have a special aptitude for one of the hardest aspects of SEO, and since effective link builders are an especially rare, yet often overlooked breed, they’re being recognized here today.

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SEOs say NO to reciprocal links!

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 23:19

In our last poll we asked everyone; Do you use reciprocal links in your SEO programs - the result was a resounding NO to that one. Here's the breakdown on it;


  • 74% - No I don't see value in them any more
  • 9.1% - Yes I actively seek out link partners
  • 6.5% - Yes but covertly instead of 'link' pages
  • 6.5% - No I am worried about getting smacked
  • 3.9% - Yes but I use 3-4 way link programs


That's a pretty definitive answer on that one... it seems that most of the readership of the Trail have no use for them these days. I suppose it is worth noting that 15% still do them... but few play with 3-4 way trickery. I suppose if I covertly arranged link drops with a page that was FAR more authoritative than mine, and passed greater juice, I might consider it, but generally speaking I feel there are better ways to go about link programs these days...

What say you?


This week we're talking analytics and the question is; Do you trust analytics programs? - so why not head over, check the early results and cast your vote?


SEOs leery of directory links

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 13 August 2009 14:40

Last week over in the Dojo we ran a poll (open to the public) that asked the question; Are directory links worth doing?

We put the word out on Twitter and elsewhere and so far have more than 84 responses. Now, it wasn't the most scientific poll, since I was cheeky about one of the options, but I believe most went past that and we have some reasonably good data as to what the community thinks of doing directory submissions as part of their link building programs.


At the end of the day the majority (nearly 55%) felt that they were worth doing, but only the top/niche ones out there. Also of interest is that 'Not sure, losing value' and 'WTF is this 2005?' combined for 32% and may speak to them being in decline as a link building tactic. Here's the breakdown;


  • 54.8% Yes, but only a selection of top/niche ones
  • 21.4% Not sure, they're losing value
  • 10.7% WTF? Is this 2005? NO!
  • 8.3% Yes I mass spam them
  • 4.8% Only top paid ones are worth it


You can see all the data here


This week, in large part due to my coverage of a reciprocal link spam detection patent, the question is; Do you use reciprocal links as part of your SEO programs?

Early data say... no... why not drop into the Dojo and cast your vote?


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