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Written by David Harry   
Monday, 20 April 2009 22:26

Dear Bloggers - Don’t be a jackass

You know…its funny, at least to me it is. I have often sat and wondered, “WTF am I going to write” – And over the last 3 years of this public venting, mauling and musing had no answer and thus wrote butkis. Many times one gets busy or the passions aren’t flaring – the reasons are endless. But one thing you should never do…. Start friggen rambling for the sake of yer own voice (for the record I have a lovely humming voice). I mean seriously… don’t turn into a self-righteous pontificating piece of…well… U get the idea…

You see what can be even more fun, for me at least, is reading the search blogosphere, (give the writing a break). It is often educational, but far more often great entertainment than anything else. I never really read a lot of blogs early on; could be my advancing age (coming late to the game) or fact that my geeky interests were such that only a few captivated. Now? After actually writing for a few years I can see far more texture in any given publication than I ever could before…. And it’s a bloody joy… cause there really are some jack assess out there.


Hanging out with drunkards

One reads so much of the self-anointed drivel that it reminds me of the first time I was sober around drunken friends; “Holy crap, is THAT what I look like?”.  Considering the tenor and persona being presented isn’t something to disregard and I believe that most bloggers should really watch for it. It is hard to believe that many of the folks out there just pull crap outta the hat, throw it at the wall to see what sticks.  

Because of a lot of research that’s ongoing, side projects and other commitments, I’ve been reading more than writing…publicly at least. We sure have some.. ahem… exuberant folks out there in the internet marketing space. It is easy to see how we can become painted with like-brushes in a layer of not so complimentary colours.


Jack Asses Unite

It really is often disheartening to see some of the <insert expletive of choice> that is floating around and more and more solid information and guidance is hard to find. It’s often hard to even participate in conversations as you can go mad trying to put out one fire of disinformation after another. Even this once passionate (insane?) ranter is losing the will to fight off these demons.

Have no fear, I am most certainly throwing stones from my glass house as I have done my part as a man with no conscience… just passing on my recent travels. It seems to me more than a few folks in the blogoshpere might want to cut back on the sociopath soup. There are bloggers that may just be writing for the sake of writing, validity and research be damned (or worse just to turn in a few $$). Or maybe not… maybe I’m just some hopped up Canuck that doesn’t take it as serious as I could? Naw… entirely unlikely…


I suppose even this post I should have run by my missus, she’d have surely read it, rolled her eyes and muttered “jack ass”…




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