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Playing with Google FriendConnect

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 04 December 2008 12:43

Playing with Google FriendConnect

Google FriendConnectI was talking to ‘the Great Balwani’, (seriously, he's great) today and he mentioned playing around with Google FriendConnect. Not to be one shy of playing with the latest toys I promptly set up the community widget (below the My Blog Log widget – lower right) and another widget to comment and rate posts…

The first one seems pretty much like the MBL one, we’ll see how it plays out (doesn’t show recent visitors to..). The other, well that seems like it will further dilute the conversation as this is a blog and we already have comments going…

So what? We can now ‘rate’ the posts? Yeah, that’s about it… I hope to see other widgets soon as the selection now is kinda lacking.


On the admin side, you can manage members (and friends) as well as moderating posts (which is a good idea methinks)....

FriendConnect Admin features


Anyway, feel free to join up and rate some posts… we shall see where it leads.

PS; drop by Search Engine People and join up as well… the more of us playing, the sooner we find it’s value…


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