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Persil White and the Seven Blogs

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 23 June 2008 10:22

The story of a Serial Blogger - by Paul Steven

Tales of  a Serial BloggerTis' time for a story. Set in a far, far away land. So, snuggle up get cosy and I'll tell you how being a serial blogger has been the most financially rewarding move I have ever made.

Y'see, a long time ago I started life as a simple SEO guy, forever cultivating my digital patch, watching in earnest as my well cared for search positions took root and sprouted into high ranking websites. Life was good but hard work as mine wasn't the only prized garden in the competition.


When a stranger came calling

Then one day I received a phone call from a stranger not-from-these-parts asking if I had ever contemplated running his companies weblog on a
paid-per-post service. I had partaken in the art of blogging on my own site but never taken it seriously as a written work. Because my niche is of the optimised variety, I felt more comfortable in discussing the benefits of harvesting your own organic garden than talking about the tools and methods used. There were far better commentators than myself that were by far more green-fingered than I.

But he persisted because he liked my style ... my openess, my uniqueness, my  innocence and most importantly my cheapness (it was my first quote in this area at the time).

Formulating a SEO campaign for a blog outside its main website walled optimised boundaries is really a lot more fun and thankfully less time-consuming. With the rise of social media, blogging has been encouraged to become settled in its rightful pedestal. Long tail searches within the search engines are a given right for a blog to flourish. Last count was that 25% of searches on Google belong to the long tail thus blogs can tap into the uknown quicker and stronger than a non-updated page.


Chasing my long-tail

I have since vamped up my customer base to seven differing, unique blogs that I write, back link and optimise many times a week. Dipping your toe between niches can get haphazard sometimes but to be concerned by formulating a post where the crossovers between what you have to draw from and what you have to write about are very slim indeed its hardly something to get worried about.

I can see no difference from the services that I offer to a customer for blog support than those that a full frontal SEO company offers; except that I believe my services are more open, more beneficial, more relevant to what the searcher is looking for. It is also more natural and more self-satisfying to see a content-rich post drive traffic to a site and gain traction in links more naturally.

/ Tale....

Dave; Paul is the man behind North South Media and is a pal of mine on a variety of locales such as Sphinn, StumbleUpon, Plurk and Twitter. You can catch more of his web marketing musings on his blog. -- thanks for the tale on the trail Paul!!



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