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6 Steps to Optimize your Retargeting Campaign

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 14 September 2010 13:03

(Guest post by; Aaron Bell)

Retargeting advertising is quickly gaining traction in the world of online marketing, and with good reason. Businesses that employ this technique see a noticeable increase in CTR (click through rate) while also realizing a significant cost savings. In fact, recent analysis has shown that the average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is actually lower for retargeting campaigns than traditional display advertising. And it’s the perfect complement to successful PPC and SEO campaigns, because retargeting encourages repeat visits from the traffic that these other methods generate.

Maybe you’ve kicked around the idea of adding this technique to your current strategy. Perhaps you’ve already jumped on the retargeting band wagon and launched your own campaign. Either way, there are a few important tools you should be aware of in order to best optimize your plan and achieve a positive ROI.

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Cause Marketing 101

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 21 July 2010 13:26

What is cause marketing?

By Steve Gerenscer

Cause Marketing, simply put, is a marketing partnership between for profit companies and non-profit organizations. For profit companies connect with a charity in an effort to promote both.

Both organizations benefit. The for profit company gains access to consumer good will and the cause's supporters while the cause gains access to the usually much larger finances a for profit company has to market the cause.


The double edged sword

Unfortunately Cause Marketing can have a dark side and can generate as much negative publicity and it can positive. This can generally be attributed to fanatically loyal cause KFCsupporters disagreeing with the for-profit company's previous track record or perceived reasons for supporting the cause.

A recent example of this was the Kentucky Fried Chicken / Susan G Komen tie in, Buckets for the Cure. KFC released a pink bucket of chicken with a donation of 50 cents per bucket going to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Charity. Unfortunately fried chicken and fighting cancer seemed like an incompatible matching to many cancer survivors and sufferers.

Is Cause Marketing right for you?

Before you can enter in to a Cause Marketing agreement you need to determine if your company is a good fit for this type of marketing. Most companies can find a compatible charity to work with, but if you are in a niche like oil, you may have a hard time convincing people that you are donating to charity out of the goodness of your heart rather than as an British Pretoleumattempt to cover up some past incident.

The most important part of choosing a charity to work with is that it has to be something that you are genuinely passionate about. Choosing a charity simply for marketing reasons will be seen through nearly instantly by the charity's supporters and the negative fallout will cause a reputation management fiasco that you could spend years trying to overcome.

For myself, I chose to focus on animals in need. In my other life I am a jeweler and my wife and I have always been supporters of all sorts of animal charities and rescues. Earlier this year we started a small jewelry site, Animal Charms, and a percentage of every sale is donated to animals in need. We have also developed ways for those charities to gain even more by working together with us through coupon codes and other promotions.

What type of Cause Marketing is best for you?

  • Sponsorships: The oldest form of Cause Marketing is most likely direct sponsorships. A company simply chooses to donate large sums of money in a public way. Pepsi is doing this now with its Refresh Project and more specifically with its Gulf Refresh Project.

  • Sales Incentives: The most common method of marketing is the use of a sales incentive. Your customer purchases something from you and you give a percentage to the charity. Motorola and Sprint teamed up to fight AIDS by offering a special red phone and $17 from each sale went to fight AIDS.

  • Licensing: Paying a charity for use of their logo on your products or services.

  • Direct Marketing: A combined marketing approach where the charity and the company work together to promote both of their brand awareness.

  • Facilitated Giving: This method is commonly seen at retail outlets and fast food restaurants with the "Give a Dollar" paper balloons.

  • Ownership: This method is generally reserved for larger corporations. A dedicate charity is created, such as the Ronald McDonald House, that because a part of who the company is.

Cause Marketing has been one of the fastest growing marketing segments in recent years. Done properly both the charity and the business can benefit greatly. Done poorly, and you can find yourself in a reputation nightmare that may take years to dig out from. Before entering in to a Cause Marketing campaign, research your audience, the audience of the cause, and create a carefully formatted plan for success.


Steve GerenscerAbout the Author; Steve, aka Feydakin, has been developing for and working on the internet since the days of "Internet In A Box". He has also worked in many diverse fields such as architecture, jewelry design and manufacturing, brick and mortar retail, traditional marketing and non-profit organizations. Most recently he has become a partner at Seo-Shop.Com and and re-opened his own internet marketing company, Metal Monster Marketing , specializing in helping businesses and charities work together on Cause Marketing campaigns.

Steve is also a moderator at;
SEO training community


What do you get when you cross FriendConnect with FriendRank?

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 26 December 2008 14:16

FriendSense; Adsense for FriendConnect thickens the plot.

Just a quick one here folks… being the holidays and all, but it is worth noting. You see, the folks over at TechCrunch were reporting about the upcoming AdSense for Friend Connect gadgets. Now this is certainly a sensible move and on it’s own not worth disturbing my joyous hiatis from the search geek grind unless of course there was more to it…. And there is.

Back in early October we looked at a set of patents relating to targeting social network users (from Google). At that time I was musing that there simply had to be some connection here with open social and monetizing social spaces in general. This apparent news of AdSense for FC gadgets certainly does fit in with what we looked at in those patents.

Google AdSense for Friend Connect

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How to get the most from your Adwords GeoTargeting

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 30 June 2008 08:24

4 Tactics for Geo-Targeting Your Local Search Marketing Campaigns with AdWords
(Case Study: U-Save Car Rental in Myrtle Beach, SC)

by Brian Carter of Fuel Interactive and

I'm preparing my talk for SMX Local/Mobile in San Francisco at the end of July. (And I’m hoping to get out and do some comedy with the San Francisco Comedy College peeps too!) At SMX Local, I’m planning to talk about the part of local search we do best at Fuel Interactive, and that's Local search marketing with AdWords.

Because of how much search traffic goes through Google, AdWords is a smart place to prioritize your local search marketing efforts. And believe it or not, there are at least four ways to do geotargeting in AdWords. I'll discuss those below using one of our clients, U-Save Car Rental, as an example.

The 4 Ways to Geotarget Local Search with AdWords

1. Geotarget at the campaign level
2. Geomodifiers in keywords
3. Placement target locally-focused sites
4. Local business ads

You may need all of these methods to get the click volume your local advertiser wants. In PPC, we optimize for the best KPI (key performance indicator) possible, such as cost per conversion or ROAS (return on ad spend)… but there's an even more important metric for many new local advertisers- how much can we spend? How many qualified clicks can we get?

Some new AdWords campaigns just don't spend to budget (reach the budgeted ad spend for the month) right away. Local businesses are the clients we most commonly have to "optimize-to-spend". It sounds suboptimal to use spend as your KPI, but until you get good click volume, you won't have enough data to confidently optimize for more sophisticated metrics. This is the one time I love Google's automated campaign optimizer - its specialty is getting you more clicks so that Google makes more money- it usually works for increasing click volume.

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Targeting Social Media Influencers

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 21 March 2008 20:27

TIPIS - The Influential Persons Identification System

In an attempt to harness the power of Word of Mouth, or Viral Marketing – Microsoft has been looking at processes that seek to identify influencers within social networks to attain the greatest reach for marketing efforts. By reaching the core influencers in a social networks an advertiser;

“…creates the potential for exponential growth of the marketing message, as an individual passes on the message to his friends, those friends pass it on to their friends, and so on. Viral marking, so called because it spreads similar to a virus epidemic, exploits pre-existing social networks to produce exponential increases in brand awareness. Viral marketing harnesses the network effect of the Internet.”

To that end, let’s look at a recent Microsoft Patent titled; IDENTIFYING INFLUENTIAL PERSONS IN A SOCIAL NETWORK

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