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Search geeks don't trust Analytics?

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 03 September 2009 16:52

Boy, am I ever glad to hear that.

Over the years, being the data geek that I am, analytics have been nearly as fascinating as SEO. One of th emore problematic things though is that many Analytics geeks tend to talk about analytics and the proverbial 'grain of salt'. You see, there is no perfect solution and most of the ones that are commoly used can be spotty at times.

A few weeks back we were doing some anecdotal head-to-head testing and it seems not a lot has changed. This means, to me at least, that there needs to be a more tempered faith in them and historical data can be the real importance. It would seem the readership agreed...

Here's the results;

  • 38.6% - Not really, they're all somewhat inaccurate
  • 29.5% - No, I use them as a guide only
  • 13.6% - Yes I find them accurate
  • 11.4% - I do, but prefer log file analysis
  • 6.8% - Yes I do, but prefer tagged solutions

What is also kind of interesting, beyond the fact that most peeps didn't trust them, is that the tagged solutions (you know, Google Analytics?) were the bottom of the bunch. Makes for another interesting question; if so many of us don't trust them, nor tagged... AND use Google Analytics - what does that say for GA? hehe....

Local SEO factors

Sure, I know this one has been done to death - but a few peeps and I were talking about it once more the other day... So be sure to check out this week's poll - What are the most important Local SEO factors? (see results and take the poll if U could please... it's appreciated)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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