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Analytics tips for All Occasions

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 02:59

How do YOU measure up?

Over the last 6 months of writing the SEO Geeks newsletter I’ve been collecting a wide variety of posts dealing with web analytics… Just for fun, I thought to wrap them all up, with some that didn’t make it into the newsletter (gotta’ spread the luv, oui mon ami?) and post them in one place for everyone…

Analytics have always been important and personally, always been fascinating (even before my SEO addiction). Like playing an instrument, it can seem cumbersome at first. But once you become one with the instrument, more beauty emerges. So for me there is a real sense of intimacy to be had with site visitors by looking at the analytics.

Anyway…rambling… away we go...


Getting started;

Google Analytics – for starters, you should consider attending Conversion University: and the when yer ready - take the test



Stepping it up

After we get past some of the fundamentals it's time to play with some of the more interesting applications for your metrics madness...

Web Analytics Round Up


Advanced Segments and Custom reports

Another good area, though we're a tad light, are the additions this year of advanced segments and custom reporting in Google Analytics...

Analytics for Search Geeks

And of course where would we be without hitting some of the SEO related posts for analytics?

On the Trail;

Google Analytics for SEOs - Part I - Part II - Part III


Conceptualizing Analytics

These ones are to start thinking outside the box with your analytics mind…


Analytics on Video

Just for fun I thought to add a section for those of you into the visual arts (many of which came from the Dojo Video Section)


And there you have it…. Hopefully there was something for everyone and just in case yer still wanting some more goodiness… some further reading -


More Resources

Here’s some more reading that I dug up while putting the post together… just to keep ya busy :0)

30+ Google Analytics Tools, Goals, Segments, Filters, Hacks & Resources - SE Optimise
The Huge Collection of Google Analytics Tips – Search Engine Journal
Google Analytics Plugins, Hacks and Tips Collection – GrokDotCOm
8 Awesome Google Analytics Hacks, Tips and Tricks - Search Light
7 Advanced Google Analytics Tricks – Davici Planet
The Missing Google Analytics Manual – GrokDotCom
Resources for learning Google Analytics - Lunametrics



(and be sure to get hooked up with the SEO Geeks Newsletter - of course :0)



0 # Brett Pringle 2009-08-12 04:26
I actually had the same idea for a post this week, damn :-)

1 extra item to add to your big list above, tracking the longtail from the Paid search side:

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0 # Nick Stamoulis 2009-08-12 08:47
Every business should really be making an effort to review analytics information. The amount of data on there can really give a business valuable direction.
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0 # Thomas 2009-08-21 07:04
There is no web marketing without Google Analytics. I would say that everyone who is starting his adventure with SEO must know that tool. Probably there is no other way =O You showed here very complete manual of important things to learn and to use. Step by step all issues are translated into human language :want: and that is very good thing. Every newbie should drop by and read your article. Very informative.
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0 # SeoNext 2009-08-27 11:40
Really i accept that there is no marketing without google.Google is must for Analytics.Thanks for sharing these advance techniques information with us.Really an informative post.
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