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Peer Prominence

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 08 February 2007 19:43

Just in time for Valentines

Well I haven’t made mention of the bed fellows in the form of Google and MySpace in a while, seems the Utube happenings were more interesting. luvtriangle.jpgAnyways, it seems that the landmark search deal struck last year – never really got ‘done’. While hammering out the details - they had a minimum $900 Million (cough cough..2001 again?) shared revenue deal over the next three years – some one got cold feet. 

In short, MySpace wants the right to negotiate any other 3rd party deals as they see fit. And why not, outside of the afore-mentioned 900 Million reasons of course. I am sure that would have been fine with their new beau – if it was ANYONE but eBay. Which of course is exactly who MySpace would like to be her.. tennis instructor if U will; a nasty love triangle is taking shape.

A troubled Web we weave

You see, from where I am sitting at least, with Google trying to crack the payment processor market, the last folks they want to help is PayPal, who’s parent company just so happens to be ---- you guessed it – eBay.

Seems MySpace and eBay are interested in partnering up on a system called ‘Peer Prominence’ that is a new potential service idea that could allow MySpace users to buy and sell goods to each other using eBay's ‘automated e-commerce technology’ and of course, its PayPal payment system would be the back end processing system. Users would post items in their profiles, and real time updated eBay auctions would then be available in a section devoted to sales.

Obviously with Google pushing it’s ‘Google Checkout’ service, laying in the same bed with MySpace and eBay, watching eBay/PayPal make all the green.. is making them see red.

Jealous master.

windroad.gifWhat’s interesting is the fact that eBay is one of the largest buyers of Google Adwords. It seems we have a love triangle with many twists here. This is great stuff really. Who needs TV? Let’s all follow along and see who comes out the prince and whom becomes the pauper… Are U ready? Let’s get it on…

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