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Google buys YouTube

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 12 October 2006 08:42

Well, we’re at it again. This time is was Google getting into the action (again). They picked up FaceBook earlier this week for a tidy $1.65 Billion. Analysts here at HuoMah, me that is, say this is a great deal to bury future profits into some losses. That’s should be just what they get in the end. Ok, Ok, I am ranting again. I can’t help it though I am going simply MAD with these recent valuations

More here;  My Last rant;

If you’ve been playing along at home I have also been leary of another BUST cycle (a-la 2000). The main reasoning has less to do with over-valuations and more to do with good old economics. There hasn’t been a recession in a generation of business folks. That’s nearly 20 years ago. While our ability to avoid them has increased, the memories burned into my soul fear it may, nay, I say must, return again some day

A Merrill Lynch has downgraded the ad outlook (   ) which is on the heels of Yahoo and others announcing reduced advertising revenues. I just keep putting the signs (housing markets cooling down, job layoffs et al), the over-valuations and can’t help but think this has go to give. Sprinkle in some international tension and it is a powder keg awaiting a spark.

Or I could merely be ranting again… we shall see.


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