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Chances are we have never met because I seldom go to seminars and other SEO networking events, forums or discussion. I was thrilled to be given a chance to work with so many talented copy writers, bloggers, innovative web developers, Social Media consultants and marketers!

My Passions!

Let me tell you a little  about my experience and what you can expect from me. I am an internet technology enthusiast, passionate marketer with an opinion on most topics related to these fields. For around 15 years I’ve read about 2-4 hrs a day mainly SEO posts and articles which became just the same BS I’ve been reading for a decade and a half.

My Peeves!

You should expect contrarian views and lots of rants from me because I think many of the old SEO techniques have been less effective and have been in constant decline for a few years.

It started with the Florida Update which introduced topic sensitivity to the algorithm which means it is now tougher for me to get in the top ten for search engine optimization, the crawling changes brought on by Big Daddy/Vince updates and Caffeine bringing improved computing power (speed/page load times) to add features like Social/Real Time Search (It will be spamalicious!).

Many of my rants will be on the state of the SEO and development communities. I started writing again because I think most of what’s in the SEO blogosphere (WODS, Waste of  Disk Space) is regurgitated “content and links” advice that for the most part are becoming less effective techniques.

I am passionate about standards for the industry, as an OS (Original SEO), I am qualified to do this. I feel that the industry has gone from being about improving websites visibility to rankings at any cost or risk with little regard for conversion.

The Internet Marketer!

 I did newsletter marketing for years and from that came Webmaster T’s World of Design one of the oldest resources for SEO content on the net.  I also dabbled in article marketing but… stopped in 98 realizing site owners often removed credits etc making monitoring it a necessity therefore a drain on time resources, especially in 98.

In 2003 I moved my posting from Tsworld I founded SeoPros which later funded and continues to fund OSEOP an Ontario registered NFP Organization. From 2005 to 2007 I primarily ran a very large PPC Financial Services campaign for an offshore company.

In 2007 I retired choosing to day trade just in time for the Trust debacle in Canada and the greatest depression in a generation. Deciding my chances of emulating the Kennedy’s was low I found myself back in web development and marketing.

The Social Media Convert!

In July of 2009 I opened a Twitter account and by August wrote an article proclaiming my belief in Social Media Marketing. Four months later I broke an oath to never have a Facebook page. We figured at some point we could claim to be the only two Canadians not on it!


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