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Hi, I'm Rebekah May. Thanks for checking out my profile to learn more about me. 

Rebekah MayI really hate writing "about me" pages because I never know how to sum up my work and personality. Like my websites, I am a work in progress.  Plus, as soon as you finish, it's already old and out of date.  There are a few things that will never change, and that is I love meeting new people, having interesting discussions and learning new things.

I have been in the SEO industry for that past five years, mainly working as the Director of Search Engine Marketing for four websites.  I am now working on forming my own SEO Consulting practice, Whole SEO, which provides SEO, PPC and Internet Marketing services.

I spend most of my day studying, testing and teaching SEO and internet marketing.  I'm always striving to merge my interest of technology and psychology into internet marketing campaigns of awesomeness. When I am not doing any of the above, I am either playing online games or working on writing kick ass SEO strategies here for Fire Horse Trail, or on my blog.

Connect with me through some (or better yet, all) of the methods below, I'd love to hear from you!

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