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Gabriella Sannino

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Gabriella Sannino is the owner/operator of Level343, a copywriting & SEO company. She specializes in depth analysis, hard data, strong copy and tested SEO techniques to bring traffic and conversions to business websites. Her passions in brand building through social media, marketing techniques and writing strong copy that converts are all part of the strategy. You can also catch her on Twitter.

Headquartered in Diamondhead, Mississippi, Level343 has been providing copywriting services under the direction of Gabriella Sannino since 1998 as BStudio. In 2003, we became Level343 and expanded our services to include search engine optimization.

We first met her as one of the go-to people for copywriting in the SEO Dojo and have had a great time getting to know her. She is now a valued member of the Fire Horse Trail writing gang and you can bet that her 'words are golden'. If you're seeking a top-notch copywriter, then we do suggest you get in touch with her for more details!

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