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I’m the CEO of Silver Arc Search Marketing and known as "The Milwaukee SEO". I’ve worked in search engine optimization and search marketing for over 5 years. I’ve recently published a new book eProfitability; a guide for C-Level executives and upper management to understand the search landscape and maximize their profitability online. I love what I do; I’m always looking to do it better, and help anyone do SEM better too.

A Long Strange Trip:

Anthony VerreI’m former United States Army medic, eight years, completing one tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom and some other international misadventures. In a former life, I taught high school students (9-12) in Milwaukee Public School System (MPS). I have been married nearly 5 years now to an amazing woman and have two little girls (and another little one on the way!)


(only if you really care about pieces of paper that offer proof of knowledge) I’ve nearly completed my Master of Arts; completed Market Motive’s SEO Master Course (summer of 2009 class), Google AdWords Qualified Individual, and have my Google Analytics Individual Qualification.


I like to think that I’m thoughtful, creative, and a sound pragmatist. You’ll quickly see I have a wonderful/awful tendency to be bluntly honest. About everything. (You’ve been warned)


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